Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Harris Poll Online scam or legitimate

I see a lot of people asking questions on survey oppotunities. I want you to understand that survey's require a lot of time, and you won't get rich.
Harris Poll Online is part of a large, multinational, survey company.
Legitimate survey sites are run by market research companies. They have privacy policies, and do not sell your personal info or have you sign up for crap.

My three favorite sites:
Survey Savvy
Opinion Outpost
Harris Poll Online

There is the need to register, and once this is done surveys are sent to the email address used when registering relatively frequently. These surveys range in length, but in my experience they all carry the same reward of 200 points for successful completion, as well as entry into a sweepstake. Obviously some surveys cannot be completed as the taker will not fulfil the criteria. However, when this happens 30 points are given, which is a major bonus point of Harris Poll Online as I haven't encountered another company which rewards for surveys which can't be completed. Points are also earned for registering (30 when I registered) and for completing set number of surveys. Once 2500 points have been earned this can be exchanged for a £25 money transfer into a PayPal account. Alternatively points can be used to enter competitions for the chance of winning higher amounts of money or other prizes.
If you are interested, I keep a running list of reputable survey sites on my webpage.
I would definitely recommend Harris Poll Online. I have completed many surveys and have already received my first payment from the company which was very prompt. The truth is, there isn't a whole lot of money to be made taking surveys. No one is going to pay you to sit on your butt all day and take surveys.
The legitimate survey companies that exist either send you around one survey a week or less worth between $1-$5, or give you entries into sweepstakes for filling out surveys.

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